Revenue Offers

UNIQEX provides a comprehensive profit system designed to help you generate passive income. We are dedicated to working for your financial success!

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After 10 Days M T W T F S S
110% After 10 Calendar Days
Deposit amount 25–500 USD
Total ROI 110%

Daily M T W T F S S
5% Daily For 30 Business Days
Deposit amount 50–50000 USD
Total ROI 150%

Weekly M T W T F S S
27% Weekly For 6 Weeks
Deposit amount 500–50000 USD
Total ROI 162%

Monthly M T W T F S S
115% Monthly For 2 Months
Deposit amount 1000–50000 USD
Total ROI 230%

Monthly M T W T F S S
130% Monthly For 3 Months
Deposit amount 5000–50000 USD
Total ROI 390%

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How it works

How to earn with UNIQEX

It is very easy to start receiving earnings at UNIQEX

  • 1

    Access our platform with your data on hands.

  • 2
    Choose a plan

    There are 7 options for you.

  • 3

    Follow our platform that presents statements and daily earnings.

  • 4

    Your applications yield up to 5% every day, automatically.

About the token

UNIQEXtoken is distinct from typical currencies.

It functions as a share in our company, with its liquidity closely tied to the overall turnover of the company's funds. This token is built on the official Binance Chain Network protocol, BEP-20, making it a blockchain asset with inherent value. It can be sent and received like any other cryptocurrency. This investment avenue is particularly apt for investors looking at long-term gains.

The UNIQEX Token offers several practical applications:

Use in Transactions and Payments

These tokens can be used for transactions or payments within the UNIQEX ecosystem or with partners that accept them.

Trading on Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Like other cryptocurrencies, UNIQEX Tokens can be traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges, providing liquidity and the potential for price appreciation.

Participation in Company Profits

Token holders may be eligible to receive a portion of the company’s profits, aligning with the concept of dividends in traditional stocks.

Access to Exclusive Services

Token holders might gain access to unique services or features on the UNIQEX platform, such as advanced trading tools or priority customer support.


UNIQEX is a global company with many investors in the World.

The trading BOT, developed by a team of experts in the crypto trading sphere and powered by AI, is designed for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. It offers a valuable opportunity for individuals, regardless of their experience in the market, to automatically earn profits and experience substantial growth.

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